Chemotherapy Diet

Being Healthy During Chemotherapy

A chemotherapy diet is one that is healthy for those that are in the stages of having chemotherapy done.  During this time, nearly all food, smells and tastes will be strange to you.Many find themselves unable to eat because everything tastes bad.  Yet, while your body is struggling through this medicinal change, it definitely needs the energy, resources, and nutrients of a healthy diet.  While it may not seem possible it is necessary to supply your body with the necessary rewards for a healthy diet.

Many times, during chemotherapy treatment, foods will taste bad.  More so, those that were your favorites will simply be horrible to you.  The changes are likely to go away over time (so if you loved pizza but hate it right now, you will likely love it again later down the line.)  Still, it is essential to supply your body with a diet healthy for chemotherapy both before, during and after you have a chemotherapy treatment done.  This may sound difficult to do, but with the help of the many resources available to you today you can produce the right balance in your diet.

With the side effects of chemotherapy likely bearing down on you, you will need to come up with a diet of healthy foods that help you to avoid some of those side effects.  According to the American Cancer Society, there are several good foods that can help to keep the side effects at bay and still provide you with the nutrition that you need.  Here are some of those options.

  • Fruits:  A diet that is filled with fruits is important because not only do they contain the necessary nutrients in your diet, but they also have cancer fighting minerals and vitamins within them, which could help speed up your recovery.  Many of the fruits you can eat contain antioxidants that can help you to get rid of toxins that cause cancer.
  • Vegetables:  Eat a wide variety of different types of vegetables.  They too have a lot of antioxidants in them that can help you to improve your diet many times over.  You will need to consider eating lots of colors because the colors of the fruits and vegetables signal the nutrients within them.  Eat these raw, canned, cooked or in juice form.
  • Meats:  Eating protein is necessary because it helps your body to have the necessary strength to fight off the cancer and to work through chemotherapy effects.  It also helps you to fight off infection which is very important for those suffering from chemotherapy risks. Meats and protein can come from fish, beef, chicken or even peanut butter and dried beans.  Tofu is also a good source for it.
  • Grains:  Eating good grains is necessary.  Look for whole grains in pasta, rice and cereals.  Eat whole grain bread.  This will help give your body necessary carbohydrates that will help you have energy necessary for fighting the effects of chemotherapy.
  • Milk and Dairy:  It is also important to give your body the calcium that it needs during chemotherapy treatments.  You need it for healthy bones as well as for the energy that stored within it.

While you may not feel like eating much of anything, a good chemotherapy diet will help you to improve your overall health and well being.  It will also help you to get through the side effects you face.  Try to incorporate as much variety in your diet because this means more nutrients of different types.  The more fruits and vegetables you can get the better because these provide you with antioxidants that fight off cancer cells.  Together with chemotherapy, this is effective cancer kill resources.

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